After Thanksgiving Weekend

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What an amazing weekend we had in Lawrence, Kansas after the Thanksgiving weekend! For the first time in a long time; all of our children and grandchildren were together under one roof. We celebrated each other and it was wonderful! It all started with our oldest Marcus making plans to travel to Lawrence, Kansas.

My heart was filled with joy! Just listening to all of them laughing, sharing old childhood tales and making new memories. – @mrsgeno

A few months ago, Jason made a trip to see the north Genosky’s and our new town home in Saint Paul and he told us that Marcus was travelling to Lawrence, Kansas for Thanksgiving. Since, we all live so far away from one another, it’s often quite difficult to get us all together, not to mention finding us a place that will house all of us crazy Genoskys’.

Our family has grown so much… and I thought; this is the perfect opportunity to get us all together and God was good! 

One hotel room reservation was made with the North Genoskys‘ by Mrs. Geno, then the word spread quickly. Each family started to make plans for our Thanksgiving weekend.

It truly was a blessing to have us all together. Laughing and loving one another.  Nyk and Brittainie drove up from Wichita, Kansas along with Jordyn and Jon and the Gilbertson’s from Oklahoma joined the caravan too.

They arrived family by family, one car load at a time.

Our nine grandchildren had a blast taking over the hotel. They used every square inch of it. They had a great time catching up with each other face to face; instead our normal Facetiming. We also got to meet our newest addition to the family, baby Rowan Daniel. He was loved by all and passed to each one of us; so chubby and perfect.

I couldn’t be any happier for this weekend that all started with one HeyMookey. -@mrsgeno

I personally want to thank my mother and father in law for making sure we were all fed and our bellies were full and we had everything we needed. Rachel (A Molly Production) created such beautiful videos for us that we will treasure for Genosky generations to come and Jason made sure that we will all have a strong foundation. <3

I also want to thank the staff at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas for hosting such a special family reunion and making sure all of us were accommodated. 

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