Just Released Music Video | break up again ft. XROLIFE

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Just Released Music Video ‘break up again’ ft. XROLIFE

Hayden had an off and on again relationship with a beautiful girl (which name I won’t mention) that lasted about 2 years, their break up tore his heart apart.

The word therapy has been brought up several times in conversations with Hayden. His dad and I really thought therapy with a licensed therapist would help him through his emotions and hopefully start to heal. Hayden, in the past, saw a therapist in the past dealing with his depression, but I’m not really sure if it helped him or not, maybe he wasn’t in the right place at the right time to really make it work and give it a go. After months of struggling through therapy Hayden refused to go and then his therapist ended up retiring. So that left us with no direction as far as helping Hayden professionally.

After much stress and confusion about how to deal with his broken heart, I ended up leaving it in God’s hands. I knew that God was watching over him as I pray he does all my children, but I really had to quit trying so hard to fix and mend his broken heart. I gave it God, something I should have done in the first place.

I have to admit when I first heard Hayden’s song break up again on SoundCloud, I was a bit disturbed. As a mother, my heart broke when I heard the lyrics

After months of seeing improvement and then having some backsliding, I continued to let God handle this. It’s so hard to completely let go and trust Him at times. Our children don’t always end up going in the direction we would like to too, but what I have found as a parent is that their paths aren’t always what we have planned for them.

When Sean and I heard his song, break up again, we were discussing the lyrics and he mentioned how Tu Pac’s mother must have felt when she heard his music too. What a great point I thought.

Hayden continues to write. And we continue to embrace and support his music. We hope that his lyrics and music bring him healing and growth. Creativity through music can be very therapeutic.


break up again ft. XROLIFE
Produced by Yung Skah
Performed by Hayden Genosky/River Baxter
Published by 7EMINI

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