The Girls Annual Summer Visit 2017

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The Girls Annual Summer Visit 2017

Every summer the three youngest girls visit their older sisters in their home states for a few weeks. Alexa in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Jordyn in Wichita, Kansas. This year we even added a special stay with their older brother, Nyk in Wichita too! Their activities included lots of swimming, fun activities with the family, ice cream treats and special time with nieces and nephews. What an amazing summer visit!!

During this time, Sean and I get a break from our parenting roles and get to spend some much needed time alone. It’s quite an adjustment, having the house quiet and clean. But very enjoyable. I miss alone time with my best friend.

The girls stay connected everyday by Facetiming us for sweet goodnights and we miss yous, Mom and Dad. It’s also wonderful to see how the girls interact with their younger nieces and nephews. They seem to cherish their time.

This year Marcus also made a special appearance from San Jose, California. It was so nice to see him and spend some time with him catching up on his new career changes, hearing about how much he absolutely loves California and his hopes of his family moving west to join in on the California life.

We had a great time in Lawrence, Kansas visiting Shaymarie and Andy and seeing their new home. There was also a game of wiffle ball played by Sean and his Dad, Jason against Andy and his sporty cousin. The really opened a can of whoop-a** on them. Too bad Sean and Jason, maybe next time you will take the challenge more seriously. I even challenged Andy and his sporty cousin to a corn hole challenge when we return next summer. I’ll be ready!

Thank you Alexa, Nyk and Jordyn for everything! We love you and can’t wait for our summer visit in 2018.

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