10 Simple Grounding Tips for 2021

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I sometimes can’t believe July is already here and almost nearly almost gone. Does it feel like time is speeding up or is it just me? Since spring of 2020, I have been working on taking better care of myself. These 10 Simple Grounding Tips for 2021 are easy and simple. By just being more mindful, these grounding tips can be added into your daily routine too.


1. Breathe

About 7 years ago, I began to experience panic attacks. I completely forgot how to breathe. I was advised to just breathe, but I couldn’t find a pattern I could vibe with for years. I went through several different breathing techniques before I found the right one for me. Not all breathing techniques are the same, so if one doesn’t work for you, keep looking. Find a breathing technique that works for you. You might just figure out that you can focus on your breathing without finding a special technique. Slow down and remember to breathe.

10 Simple Grounding Tips for 2021

2. Walk

Daily walks are so good for your body. My husband and I walk the dogs every morning. We enjoy watching the dogs play and enjoy their surroundings.

Get moving and breathe in some fresh air. A 20-30 minute walk everyday is so beneficial, plus you get those energies flowing. It also helps clear the mind. Our kids will sometime join us on our walks and I love it. It’s a special time with no phones, tv or distractions.

2. Experience Beauty

There is true beauty all around us. Are you taking the time out of your daily activities to recognize them? A strangers smile, a kind word, a baby’s laugh and even picking wild flowers. Venture out of your comfort zone and experience the beauty that is all around us. Find a nearby park, a walking path. We sometimes drive to other areas of our area and explore what our city has to offer.

Mary-Grace and Emma spent a weekend in Duluth, MN with their father and loved the beauty of the area. The North Shore has a special energy it and it’s beautiful and so are these two special souls.

4. Meditate

I find myself drawn to the sun, especially during meditation. For me, meditation is so peaceful and I usually find myself on a blanket on the garage floor. It just happened. I sometimes meditate with frequency music and burn Palo Santo wood. It’s slow burning and smells amazing. It really helps me get into that Zen state of mind.

If you have a high level of stress in your life or you are looking to connect to God/Source, meditation is absolutely key for keeping balance and staying centered.

Try and just meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. You will be surprised how much this can change your life.

Click here for the Palo Santo wood I use on Amazon.

5. Clear energies

Whether you call them spirits or energies, clearing negatives energies in your home and office can do wonders. House cleansing can be an important part in your personal well-being. It really can shift the energies in your personal space.

As a former Catholic, I recently tossed out the holy water for bundles of California White Sage and Palo Santo wood that I purchased on Amazon. Click here for Alternative Imagination California White Sage Bundles for Smudging and Meditation or here for the Palo Santo wood I use on Amazon.

6. Practice a daily mantra

Words matter. What are you telling yourself everyday? Are they positive thoughts and energies or are you tearing yourself down? By saying a daily mantra, you can steer yourself in a positive direction. Words are so powerful. You are a co-creator. Remember to create the life you want. I created a daily mantra desktop background for my daily reminder to inspire myself and grow.

Inspire yourself by speaking positive to yourself. This was a game changer for me.

Click to download my full size background image for a screensaver.

7. Use Essential Oils

I was introduced to Essential Oils by a friend about 6 years ago. After my first bottle I was hooked. Now, I have a travel bag and use them before running to the medicine cabinet. I use Essentials oils a lot too for Aroma Therapy. My favorite is palm cupping. A few drops in your hands rubbed together and then breathed in deeply, helps change your attitude and also can bring so much peace. Some of my favorite Essential oils are Cedarwood, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang and many others.  These are also great for to use on the skin and ingesting as well.

8. Turn off notifications

Nothing is more annoying and steals my peace than the busy and frantic sounds my iPhone can make. Is your peace really worth missing a message or a phone call? Not to me. My peace has to come first. As a busy entrepreneur, I am constantly bombarded with emails and messages. My iPhone literally would cause me panic. So many notifications going off drove me insane and feed my anxiety until,  I decided to turn off my notifications. It’s a simple boundary that can help you improve staying grounded.

9. Eat root vegetables

I slowly started adding radishes, carrots, potatoes, ginger, and yams to my diet. This was a game changer for me. When I changed my diet, my body changed as well. Being mindful of what we eat really does help to feel grounded and in control. Not only do root vegetables contain so many sources of nutrients and vitamins that our body needs, they also provide us with sustainable energy too. What are some of your favorite root vegetables?

10. Rest

Listen to your body. When you are tired, just rest. Take the time you need to realign, gather your thoughts or take a nap. If you are like me, my sleep schedule has been quite crazy for the last year or more. As energies change, so do our bodies. Are you waking up during the night like me? If you are, take care of yourself and make sure you rest when your body is telling you too. You are worth it. Taking a quick rest with your feet up and a cold glass of water really can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Please feel free to share ground tips that have worked for you as well. I’d love to hear from you. As we become more conscious beings, it’s wonderful to be able to share how we cope and manage with life, it helps to feel connected. We are not alone. We are here for one another. Be well and be love.


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